Frequently Asked Questions (last updated Monday June 21/06)




When you place a bid, enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for that item. This amount will always be kept secret. Whenever someone else places a bid, our auction software will automatically enter the lowest possible bid for you, up to your maximum bid, until you are the winning bidder.

At the end of an auction, if you are the high bidder, you are the winner. As the winner of the auction, you only pay the lowest possible winning bid, not necessarily your maximum bid.

When Proxy Bidding is in effect, it can appear as if one bidder has beat another bidder with the same bid amount. This is normal and occurs when a bidder has a proxy bid in effect and a second bidder comes along and makes their bid at the exact same amount the current proxy bid is at. Since the proxy bid was placed earlier, that is the bid that will succeed. For the second bidder to succeed in placing a bid, they must bid higher than the proxy bid that is in effect.


I bid on a vehicle, but my bid did not show up and I lost! -or- I placed a bid, but the bidding ended before my bid showed up in the bid history box.

    Unfortunately if you are using dial-up or are experiencing internet related speed problems, there is a chance that your bid could not get to us in time and/or at all before bidding on a vehicle is closed. We have taken every measure to minimize the chance of these problems, however if we do not recieve your bid in time there is little we can do to prevent it.


My Bid was retracted and I lost the vehicle I was bidding on!

    This closely relates to question #1. If for some reason your bid did not reach us before our live auctioneer has pronounced this vehicle SOLD - Your bid will be retracted and the previous bid will remain the winner.


My bid box and place bid button are greyed out and I cannot place a bid!

    In an effort to avoid long delays in bids, you will be unable to place a bid once the countdown timer has hit zero - we encourage you to bid fast. Each time a bid is placed the countdown will begin again, and you will be able to bid until this timer reaches 0.


My Screen is stuck, it hasn't moved in a long time.

    In the unlikely event your screen gets stuck and is no longer recieving auction information, you should refresh the screen, this is done by pressing F5 on your keyboard or by Clicking the Refresh Button Located in the top bar of your Web Browser.